The Storm

I buried your memories piece by piece from what I can let go from time to time until all that was left was dirt on my hands, but even then I can’t seem to wash you away. I could rub off the colour of my skin but not you underneath my fingernails from when I buried them in your skin as I screamed for your name.
You were the storm and I was hoping you’d let me see the sun in your darkness but now I’m burning all that we were along with unread letters I’ve sent to you even when I can write them all over again and word by word -after all, all I’ve ever known is to run after you, and I’m afraid that maybe, I will always do.



He was a stardust
Gone astray from a meteor
to fall at your side

Find you there

Why don’t we settle down
Even in this fast paced city
Where the music plays until midnight
And days longer than the nights where
I get to hold you thirty minutes less

Why don’t we settle down
In the small town where you grew up
So I can learn all that you were
And love all that you’ll become
And we’ll wake up a little earlier like old couples do

Why don’t we settle down
In foreign lands to love and become
Who we are from the start
And at night, I’ll whisper “I love you”
In languages different than ours

Ill settle down with you
Here, right now, anywhere with you
From the clouds to the fire below
And all the places, I’d call them home
If I’d wake up every day to find you there


She likes to believe we are all writers. Maybe not the way the ink touches papers, but the way we write our lives as if they will be remembered long after we pass away. Some choose to be heroes while others choose to be villains, but she says she thinks the greatest adversary is not the evil characters chosen, but the time in our lives when we stop and pause and suddenly we do not know what should be written next- our writer’s block.

She says not knowing where to go next or what road to travel is the hardest road to travel.


Have you ever felt like your wings broken or clipped away? And you roam the world endlessly finding your place when  in truth you already knew that you don’t belong on the ground, because your place is in the clouds, in the marvelous blue sky.