It’s my heart

Please hold it still

You see, I’ve been in so many places
And I’ve slept in different rooms 
Woke at other sides of sunrise
Way too often than I can catch up to

So you see you need to hold it still
Because I got lost way too much
In eyes of people who loved me less
When I knew I loved them whole

And I don’t know if it’s too much to ask
But please hold it carefully, because
I know too well the touch of calloused hands
Whose warmth I felt but couldnt make them feel mine

So you see, please hold it well,
Because I’ve been here and everywhere,
Been bruised and hurt everywhere, and I’m tired
To get mine broken, so I can pick it up all over again

So please hold it still, hold my heart
Like it’s your, because it’s yours
And I’ve travellled hard to get to where you are
So please hold it still, like it is yours