Calm down

Ive talked to my demons last night, they were angry when I failed. Said I could achieve so much more, be so much more. They said I could fly but my feet had only touched hills, when im supposed to be among the stars. So I felt them ache my heart, and bruise my soul and bring me down until I could feel my face at the cold, cold, cold floor. What was I supposed to do when fate seemed to be against me? I didn’t fight when I felt their hands push me away, but I knew I’d fall deeper with their strenght than what the world had done to me.
But The more I listened, the more their voices sounded sad than angry. Sounded like the world had been so unfair to us, sounded like they blamed me but cried to failures. Why were we not enough?
 So i let the rain pour down from their eyes until it reached mine. I said calm down, we’ll fight better. We’ll be wiser and stronger,and we’ll learn from our mistakes and when we fall, we’ll rise again.  


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