Stop please

Hush now dear, youve been wiping away tears for weeks. I know you said it will stop, but we’ve been here before and youve said that a hundred times. Youve been chasing after shadows in the night we could barely see while the light we’ve been holding has long burnt out. 

So why dont we let go of the love that doesnt belong to us. The longer we held the more broken we became. And it’s not long until we don’t recognize who we are when we’ve stooped so low to beg for a love long gone.


It was in every moment 

I remember the weight of your body pressed against mine as we slept all cuddled in my single bed. I can still smell your hair, and I can feel your heat like it was small flame in my chest, my limbs and my mouth. And I knew where I belong when you held me- It was in every moment I spent with you.