I heard there are infinite parallel universe(s) where you and I exist the same yet differently. In one of those, we could have chosen different careers and we could have made our childhood dreams come true. Maybe while I’m lost in this universe, I am thriving in the other. While I can’t find purpose here, I have found my resolve in the next parallel universe. And it goes like that like we have different versions of ourselves that are the same but not quite.

But more than anything, I’d like to keep the faith that the love we have lost here blossoms elsewhere. That there are versions of you and me who have stayed together through hurdles we couldn’t overcome. I’d like to believe that somewhere out there in the vast space, where in the night all I could see are splatters of light, out of reach- live a different us where we made it way we promised we would.

And maybe we can let go right now knowing that our happy ending still exists in another universe.


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